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  • Energy Radar

    USD 1200

    • List Price: $1,800

    • You Save: 33%

    Quarterly (4 issues per year)

    Key topics in the energy industry analysed in a 3- to 5-year timeframe. Informs strategic business, government policy, regulatory and investment decisions.

  • Bulls And Bears

    USD 500

    • List Price: $600

    • You Save: 17%

    Frequency based on market momentum and inflection points (at least monthly).

    How are events, data and market sentiment influencing crude prices? A forward-looking scorecard of the bullish and bearish factors at play.

  • Oil Viewsletter

    USD 3960

    • List Price: $6,000

    • You Save: 34%

    Weekly (46 issues per year)

    Macro analysis of the global oil markets with a focus on risks and opportunities. A comprehensive yet concise view of key factors impacting benchmark crude prices.

  • Crude In Sight

    USD 240

    • List Price:  $600

    • You Save: 60%

    Daily (240 issues per year)

    A two-page guide on factors impacting crude prices at the start of trading in Asia. A must-read for those tracking physical crude and related derivatives markets.

  • Vanda Insights Elite Package

    USD 5500

    All 4 Publications for USD 5,500

    An additional 7% Discount on our Introductory prices.